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    Keeping stuff clean !

    Nothing bugs me more than to go over to one of my friends houses and see a inch of dust on top of there stereo equipment or beer spilled all over there receiver, cigarette burns on things .I think that a person should take care of there equipment because in the 1st place it cost alot of money, and it will also last longer , I keep my stuff looking like knew,Heck some off my friends have some really nice gear but then they do party alot, Im sure you guys on here take darn good care of your equipment because you kown what it cost to replace it , just wanted to get that off my chest.

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    Spilled beer on a receiver? Where I come from that's grounds for fighting. Nobody spills beer at my place without at least 2 good shots to the arm holding the beer.

    Oh, and probably doesn't do the receiver much good either.

    Every year I open up the chassis of all my components and give them a dose of compressed air. This seems to keep the dust down, and they remain spotless. Swiffer rags every few days collects a pile of dust off your gear too.
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    "Every year I open up the chassis of all my components and give them a dose of compressed air."

    I do the same thing, kexodusc. It's a good idea especially since I have 3 cats. Got to get the hair that may have fallen in there. Usually I'm surprised at how clean they stay.

    I have a Sony CD changer I bought in 1992 that my freinds swear looks like it just came out of the box. Not a mark on it. It still performs like new too.

    I think some people are more aware of stuff and how it is taken care of. One of my freinds is how s dog decribed: a hefty layer of dust and grime on all his components. Some people just don't care.


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    I totally disagree!

    If all of you out there would keep your equipment nice and filthy, please, it would be very much appreciated. Otherwise I might lose my quite valuable line in buying filthy but working stuff, cleaning it and selling it for double what I paid - thanks very much!!

    In all seriousness, though - it really doesn't take much effort to keep your gear clean if you do it every week or so. Even years of neglect can be removed in half an hour or so. Still I suppose in these days when it is quite common to see garages filled with junk and the car (the second most expensive item most people buy, after their house) sitting on the driveway in all weathers, i suppose we shouldn't be surprised.

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    I dust my system every day. Especially the Pathos as he is the one family member to atract dust. You see the little Brush there?

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