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    Hello everyone, My real name is Joe and I have no probrlem with anyone using that.
    I originally tried to just make a comment to another memeber about just how good the original Klipsch Cornwall speakers are, but had to log on and go through all the hoops here.
    Now that I have, I can't even remember who it was that I was going to respond too. lol
    Anyway, here I am and I am more than willing to talk to anyone. Hopefully I'll get back to the site I "was" on and be able to make my coments to the other memeber, as we were on the same page.
    Thanks to everyone for thier time and patients with this email.
    or, just JB

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    Welcome to Joe.

    You can use the search feature to hunt down what you need.

    Good luck, have fun.

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    Hey Joe,

    Welcome to the fold. Look forward to reading and replying to your posts.

    WARNING! - The Surgeon General has determined that, time spent listening to music is not deducted from one's lifespan.

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