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    If you're familiar with Arcam CD72, 73, or 82 please respond

    I have the opportunity to buy a lightly used Arcam CD82T CD player in my budget. The current owner is local to me, so I'm not worried about any scams or what not.

    What I'd like to know is that if anyone's ever used, heard, or owned an Arcam CD72, CD73, or CD82, what do you think of it, how does it work, etc?

    Also, very important, has it EVER struggled with reading CD's? Does it read the CD correctly everytime with no loading problems? This is VERY important to me.

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    Has anyone used these players? I thought they were pretty well known.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musicguy04
    Has anyone used these players? I thought they were pretty well known.
    I used to sell them. They were reliable and generally very strong- if it hasn't gone back before now it will probably go on forever. The transport seems to cope well with all manner of protection nastiness. I preferred the Exposure 2010 at the list price but it is no slouch sonically.
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    I've only just ordered my CD73T so I can't comment on the sound. What led me to Arcam was a consistency in the reviews of their CD players. I'm trading in my Rega Planet 2000 because it's a tad to polite with my favorite type of music (Rock) and doesn't mate well with my associated equipment.

    Anyhow, Arcam CD players are extremely well received in Europe and it seems to be the company's specialty. I've found their dealers here in PA are few and far between and many don't have the model I was looking for in stock. Those I've seen on Ebay/Audiogon do get snatched up rather quickly, so long as they're priced fairly. If you don't end up liking yours I'm sure you'd make your money back without much trouble.

    If you find it can't read mishandled discs you might want to take a look at Rotel's CD players. They are renowned for their ability to read the very worst discs.

    Good Luck!

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