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    How much would you pay for

    a Rotel RCD-971 that has less than 10 hours on it?

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    uhm i guess that depends on how much you value the "sealed box" factor.
    u see i dont value that much at all, so as long as the product was in perfect pristine condition, i would pay a few bucks under retail.
    of course, i would try and get the price as low as possible. just because you cant negotiate MSRP (usually) doesnt mean that u cant negotiate second-hands.
    btw, why is the guy selling it? there must be sth wrong with it if he is in such a rush to get rid of it. its either he doesnt like the sound or that the unit is ****ed. i suggest u find out.
    I remember the days when I thought 128kbps sounded great and had never spent more than 10 bucks on cables...

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