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    How do I connect a subwoofer to an integrated amp??

    I have a Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated that runs Monitor Audio S6 speakers. How do I connect a subwoofer to it without having to connect the speaker to the subwoofer itself? Can that even be done? Thanks.

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    Depending on the amp and depending on the subwoofer...

    IF the amplifier preamp outputs and power amp inputs AND the subwoofer has line level inputs, two options exist.

    1) Connect the preamp outs to sub woofer line level inputs and the subwoofer line level outputs to the power amp inputs. This should (depending on the sub) channel all low bass to the subwoofer amp andaway from the power amp.

    2 & 3) Same integrated amp I/O scenario OR the sub has NO line level outputs. Foreach channel, connect a "Y" connector with 2 males and 1 female between the preamp out and power amp in. Then use a standard interconnect to connect the female connector to the subwoofer line level inputs. Ignore it's outputs

    4) If your integrated amp only has premp outs, simply connect them to the subwoofer's power amp in.

    5) If you must use speaker level outputs on the amp and the speaker level inputs on the sub, simply connect them in parallel with the speakers. The high impedance of the sub's power amp should be safe.

    6) Read the speaker and amplifier manuals for more options.

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