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    Home Theater Wiring

    I have the same 4 JBL speakers as front and surround speakers. However, I also have an A/B speaker selector on my receiver, and I would like to set up the speakers so I can listen to stereo sounds through all 4 speakers. Can I just send another wire from the B speaker terminals on the receiver to the terminals on the speakers in addition to one for the surround terminal on the receiver, or would that damage either the speakers or the receiver in some way?

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    Yeah dont' do that unless you'd like to buy new equipment. Does your reciever offer "all channel stereo", meaning that the stereo image will be reproduced in the front and back channels at once? That would be the safer and saner way to go about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M-D
    So, if i sent 1 wire from the selector to the speaker, and from the selector, sent 2 wires for each speaker selection, front and surround, to the receiver, and only have 1 on at a time, then I should be OK?

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