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    Lightbulb Home Theater Speaker Help!

    I am looking at upgrading my speaker system, I have a yamaha 5990 reciever, and currently running cellestion F30 floor standing speakers, and a velodyne 10" sub. My room size is medium size according to my optimizer on the reciever, but I would say the room is rather small, space is at a premium. If Bose sounded good I would go with an AM system for size, but I would be sacrificing sound. The speakers I have been closely looking at is an Energy 5.2
    speaker system. But I am just here looking for some help finding some smaller speakers if you have any suggestions please let me know. I have a fair budget, don't really want to spend more than $600 on the set. I appreciate any feedback. Thank You

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    I just bought my 8 year old son for Xmas a Energy Act 6 sub and a pair of C-50 sattelite speaker to go with is Energy classic 16 and they sound really good.Paradigm makes a series also and Athena .Go and listen to a few and let your ears decide.

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    You might try Boston Acoustics Micro 120's or 130's

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