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    Unhappy Help! Question on DVD player audio quality...

    I'm in the market for a new DVD player since my current model (Harman Kardon DVD 5) is on its last legs. I need help on two topics: My main concern is audio quality since I also use my DVD player for music. I use an optical hook-up, which apparently uses my receiver's DAC (Harman Kardon AVR 110). Should I be able to notice a difference in music quality between a higher quality player (Denon, Marantz, etc...) and a $150 Sony if I only need it to send the digital signal? Second, does anyone have any suggestions for players under $500? DVD-A and SACD are not important to me since my receiver does not have 6 channel analog direct inputs, and I have no intention of replacing it anytime soon. Also, I don't have any preference between a single disk player or a changer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've spent hours upon hours researching what to buy and am as clueless as ever!

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    Since you're using the digital line, you'll near no difference in players. Also keep in mind that those 'higher quality' players are lots of times just standard Toshibas or Sonys that they buy and put their name on it since those companies don't actually make DVD players.

    Back to the digital line, if sound quality is your priority you might want to try the analog line instead. To me the digital line sounds too sterile and cold and I actually prefer the sound of the analog line from my Panasonic DVD player going through both of my systems..a Nakamichi AV10 and an Onkyo 989.

    I also recommend staying away from Sony DVD players if picture quality is of any concern. Panasonic players have a much better picture quality. I've tried quite a few Sony players because I couldn't beleive the difference (I actually have a Sony DVD player..only reason I kept it is because Panny does not make a 300 DVD changer!).

    So, no need to waste money on a better player if you're going to use the digital line, but I urge you to at least try the analog. You might be surprised.

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    I think JVC makes a good quality DVD player for under $500. I would agree with Mr. Absentia that for 2 channel music playback you may wish to use analog cables, especially if you end up with a player that has a DAC that is as good or better than your receiver's. But you'd want to keep the digital hookup for movies.

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