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    Hello from newbie!

    Hello to all at audioreview.

    This is my first visit and finally have been authorized to post.

    Am not a die hard audiophile. Just love good music (jazz, vocals, classical, old rock, blues...)

    Have a starter system for the past 8 years:
    Jolida 302B tube amp
    Denon DVD 2200
    Rotel 1080 tuner
    Vandersteen 1C
    Tyler Reference monitors
    I just purchased the 1C (used) for living room because my wife loves to crank up the volume and did not want the Tylers damaged, she and her gf already blew out one of the KEF monitors listening to disco music when I was out. Will move the Tylers to my home office.

    Antique Sound Lab Mark III with Grado SR80 and Panasonic DVD321 for bedside listening

    Am looking to upgrade the Denon DVD2200 with either Jolida 100A or the Rega Apollo for my birthday present in February.

    Would appreciate any comments/comparison on the the Apollo vs 100A from members.
    Also would appreciate any comments/comparisons on the Vandersteen 1C vs Tyler Reference monitors

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    Hi and welcome.

    Both CDP's have good things said of them. I haven't heard either. The Jolida is a unit that gets highly modded so that could be an upgrade path some day is to add mods. Another consideration might be to keep the Denon as transport and just add an outboard DAC. I would also recommend giving a listen to Arcam players in your price.

    Vandersteen is a brand of speaker I have heard, several models, and personally do not like so will not comment further. I have not heard Tyler.

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    natcire, welcome to AR, I hope you'll find lots of stuff to keep you happy on this forum.

    that's a nice setup you have!! "sorry i can't comment on those gears, but not to worry its right these guys ally as soon as they run into you. so get ready
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    Welcome to AR natcire. Any wife that likes good sound is certainly a keeper.
    ARC SP9 MKIII, VPI HW19, Rega RB300
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    Thanks all for comments

    Gents, thanks for the feedback.

    I found on Audiogon a Rega Apollo that is used at $580. And Jolida 100A at $450. Am leaning towards the Jolida since it has upgrade path for $550. But then read about the comment on DAC by Mr. Peabody - very cool suggestion since I did not know what was DAC before this thread. I started reading and am thinking it might be an option. Will go see if local store has Arcam player...thanks Mr. Peabody.

    Also received MIT speaker cables today from Joe Abrams and Wow!!! There is huge difference to the sound quality between my $60 cable and the 'seconds' MIT cables. Wonder if swapping out the power cable will do more?

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