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    Hello all!

    I am new in this forum and for starting i would like some advices...

    i'm looking for some speakers . i found a pair of b&w dm 602 for 180euros. they are like new..

    would you advice me to buy them?


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    Your name sounds like a famous movie star. You're destined for greatness!! Yes the DM602-S3 (I assume they are the S3 series) is an excellent bookshelf speaker. It uses a 7" mid-range/bass driver which with the B&W tapered tube tweeter system. They sound fabulous. What is your room size, amp, CD player brand, etc? Just curious. I'm not sure what $180euros equals in U.S. dollars but brand new back in 2005, they were $600.00/pr. I almost purchased a pair in Feb 2005 but I went with the smaller DM601-S3. No regrets but I always wondered if I should have gone with the 602s. Since then I've upgraded a few more times with B&W loudspeakers. I guess I'm a B&W lifer. Love the sound. Thanks.

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    That is about $245 - if they are in good/great shape I'd say you are FTW for sure.

    I'd take that deal.

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