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    Heya, my name is Dave. I've been a somewhat long time lurker here and now it's time to step in.

    I'm about to open a record shop in Los Angeles with a buddy of mine. We're going to be pretty heavy vinyl, new and old. But! Half of the time we'll be playing music from our iTunes and the other half will be a turntable.


    I'm trying to figure out the best set up that marries vintage/new. I'm hoping that anyone walking in the store will quickly notice that they're enjoying the sound quality, no matter the genre.

    In our comic shop, we have a pair of Rogers LS7's directly connected to a modern Yamaha stereo receiver (not a/v style). It's a pretty good sound. For a short while I had a Marantz, but a capacitor died almost immediately, so that was that.

    My home setup is a modern Sony receiver with an old Technics SL1500 and some newish Polk floor speakers. Not totally inspiring, but it gets the job done on the cheap.

    I've done a bunch of local research and I'm finding that the a/v companies are a total rip-off and nobody will even talk to me for less than a $5,000 install.

    I think we're gonna need:

    4 speakers to be mounted at about 8' up in all four corners, maybe old AR?
    1 amp
    1 receiver
    1 turntable

    If any of you guys would like to help me out with brands/years or any details, I'd appreciate it. If you're local, I'm sure we can hook you up with comics or music or something...

    Thanks in advance!


    P.S. I thought I posted this last night, but it seems to have totally disappeared, I hope I'm not breaking any rules...

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    Hi Dave,

    Can't help with suggestions but I can say I don't see a deleted thread, so maybe the computers did something weird. I can't say I see anything wrong with you questions and post.


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    Adam - Thanks for your reply!


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    Here a some good speaker choices for a budget.

    And check out the PSB B-25's and Monitor Audio B-2's at

    For a receiver, I would consider this Harmon Kardon 3480 receiver and a 2ch amp
    Pass Labs X250 amp, BAT Vk-51se Preamp,
    Thorens TD-145 TT, Bellari phono preamp, Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge
    Magnepan QR1.6 speakers
    Luxman DA-06 DAC
    Van Alstine Ultra Plus Hybrid Tube DAC
    Dual Martin Logan Original Dynamo Subs
    Parasound A21 amp
    Vintage Luxman T-110 tuner
    Magnepan MMG's, Grant Fidelity DAC-11, Class D CDA254 amp
    Monitor Audio S1 speakers, PSB B6 speakers
    Vintage Technic's Integrated amp
    Music Hall 25.2 CDP
    Adcom GFR 700 AVR
    Cables- Cardas, Silnote, BJC
    Velodyne CHT 8 sub

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    BlackR- Thank you!

    I'll post what I've found using the search button here and your advice before I buy anything...


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