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    HD 600 Headphones for Digital Piano?...

    I have a Yamaha CP 300 digital piano, pictured below:

    ... and I've always depended on Sennheiser headphones to monitor my playing, both for just listening, and also for monitoring during recording sessions...

    I started with the HD 280 Pros, which are good all-around professional headphones...

    I then upgraded to the HD 380 Pros, which are better, but still leave me wanting...

    I'm now looking at the HD 600's, which are still listed as professional-use heaphones, but am unsure if they will give me a marked improvement over the HD 380s...

    What I'd like to know is if anyone out there is using the HD 600s, and what they think of them for professional monitoring... As you can see in the pic, I'm using a hybrid tube headphone amplifier that I am feeding from the unbalanced line outputs of the CP 300... Note: The line outputs on the keyboard are so hot, I had to employ Harrison Labs 12db line attenuators in the line outputs so as not to overload the inputs of the headphone amp... And the h-phone amp has a lot of gain, about 32db...

    ...and the flagship model CP 300 does have HI FI sound... if the monitors and/or headphones are of high enough quality... The HD 600s are listed as being professional headphones for sound engineer usage... But I'm wondering about the sound... They are also open-air types, as opposed to closed earcups... So... Anyone?... ???... (m.)

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    The HD600's have excellent sound quality, unfortunately, I have not heard the 380's. I have the HD580's and the 600's are some what better but not by a long margin. The open back design does leak sound if that's an issue.

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