Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you in advance for your replies.

This is a trade show question.

I have one microphone and one iPod connected to a mixer. The mixer branches out to a Zone spliter which connects 6 speakers to the system.

The Mic is connected to its own channel and iPod to the Audio In port on the mixer.

Current Setup: The iPod plays music at a low volume. The Mic channel is set to a higher volume than iPod. The person making the annoncement turns on the mic (on/off sw on the mic) and makes an announcement "John Que please come to the booth. " The announcer's voice comes over the speakers louder than the music so everyone can hear. This worked well for me in the past.

New Setup (questions are here): I am asked to add another Mic so two Mics will be plugged into the mixer. Each mic will be on its own XLR connector and set to the same volume. However, two announcers will be making the page. I want to avoid having the two announcers talk over each other and if possible, I would like a "beep" to come on before they start speaking. How can I do this???Suggestions???

Also, the iPod's internal equilizer did not serve me well. How can I boost some songs that are lower volume and reduce the volume on songs that are louder than the rest? Like an external equilizer.

Mixer make and Model: Yorkville MM5D Power Box Mixer

Mic Make and Model: Shure SM58

Looking forward to your replies. Thanks again.