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Thread: Hafler help

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobsticks
    ...Peer long and hard through the thorazine haze, melvin. You'll see it eventually.
    If history is a teacher Bobby, it's not likely. Not likely at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melvin walker
    I have yet to see a test report that did any thing but criticize the L 100 speakers.
    The AR's out sold the L100 by a mile.
    Not so. In 1978, Julian Hirsch wrote a rather glowing review of the L-100 in "Stereo Review." Most in the industry felt the speaker wasn't an accurate reproducer, but readily accepted that its "west-coast sound" was such that many liked a great deal. Also, none could argue the superb build quality, and the fact that the speaker could play really loud without distorting, driven by a 45 watt/channel receiver.

    The AR2ax sold at a discount for $100 each. The AR3a sold, discounted, for $250 each. The L-100 was "fair-traded" at $297 each. That's an apples to oranges comparison. Almost any $100 loudspeaker outsold one at $300. The AR3a, by the time the L-100 was introduced was already "old news."

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Wow. Talk about the perfect opposites.

    AR3a vs. JBL L-100. East Coast vs. West Coast. Yin vs. Yang. Hot vs. Cold. to-ma-to vs. to-mah-to, and all that.

    If one liked one, you can bank on them hating the other. So, how did AR speakers get into this discussion anyway?

    Oh, yeah, that crazy old coot who doesn't offer advice* on the questions asked, but just uses the post as a springboard to criticize the posters equipment, taste, and manhood.

    OP. just ignore mel. He's like the crazy uncle that sits in the corner reminicising on the "good old days", drools, poops his depends, occasionally shouts obscenities, and pinches the nurses' fanny.

    *and that's good in a way. The one and only piece of advice he offered was dead wrong! The whole forum was all over that like flies on a pile of shiite, which is a fairly fitting analogy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnMichael
    Must catch my breath.
    Jah, and I'm playin' nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markw
    You have several options on connecting a subwoofer:

    1a) Line level, via the preamp output, and filtering out the lows from the main amp and speakers: For this, you would feed the preamp out to the sub's line level (RCA jack) inputs. then, feed the line level outputs to the power amp's inputs, thereby inserting the sub between the amps.

    1b) Line level, via the preamp output, but retaining the full frequency range to the main amp and speakers: You get two "Y" connectors, with one male and two female RCA connectors. Insert the male RCA plug into the preamp out and send one side to the power amp and the other side to the sub's line level input. You don't need anything on the sub's line level output.

    2a) Speaker level and filtering out the lows from the speakers. Basically the same as 1a except the sub is between the main amp and the speakers.

    2b) Speaker level but retaining the full frequency range to the speakers. simply connect the sub's inputs in parallel the the main speakers. The high input impedance of the sub will prevent it from causing a drain on the amp.

    Personally, I use 1b with the crossover set to low pass below 55 - 60 hz but YMMV.

    And, welcome, this can be a fun and useful site once you learn who to ignore.
    What Mark said.


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    It's funny how this industry is now, and has always been, so full of those who absolutely know what's good, and what isn't. Even before I began selling audio equipment several old-timers in an audio room bitterly condemned the AR turntable as "a piece of junk." They couldn't have been more wrong: my purchase of my AR turntable, way back in '64, was one of the most sastisfying ever. I sold dozens and dozens of them eventually to very satisfied customers, and recommended it highly to my friends.

    When transistorized equipment was first introduced, many disliked the sound of solid state equipment when compared to tube equipment, claiming tubes were "warmer." That was around the late 60's, and that debate still rages on.

    At ESS, one of my reps asked me what speakers I owned. When I told him I owned Dahlquist DQ-10's, he resonded with, "I'd rather listen to two dixie cups tied together with string." That was back in '79, and guess which speakers I'm still listening to?

    A business partner one year was determined to convince me that the JBL L-110 was an "accurate" and very high quality loudspeaker, and so he lent me his samples. I had several acquaintances over my house at the time, and played something on my DQ-10's, then disconnected them and played the same thing on the L-110's. All of us thought the same thing: the L-110's sounded awful. But my partner still insisted he was right, and the rest of us wrong.

    Then came audiophile-grade speaker wire and interconnects. Did they make any difference? Yes, they did, or NO, they didn't. It simply depended on whom you spoke to, and it still does.

    The biggest debate still continues, and that's the "CD vs. LP" debate, or digital vs. analog. I suspect that's one that will never end, but one good thing will come of it: manufacturers of either CD players or turnable/cartridge combos will continue to make their products better and better, in an effort to "prove" one's superiority over the other, and along the way, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase better and better equipment, whether it be digital or analog.

    It's still a fun business, with strong opinions all over the map. That's why we have sites like AR and others, so we can share our opinions and observations with others.

    And what was the purpose of this thread originally? I dunno - I forgot.

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