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Thread: g'day from WA

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    g'day from WA

    Hello- just thought i'd introduce myself- I live in Perth, Western Australia (not WA- Washington State !) I have recently rekindled my interest in audio - as a young fellow was right into it. What got me re-interested was noticing that my Infinity SM-112 bass suspension was totally rotten and in need of repair. So i'll be researching and posting in the speaker section, to hopefully speak to people more knowledgable than me on the fix or whether i can successfully replace the bass drivers for improved bass response.

    By the Way, i recently bid on some EMIT tweeters that were on Ebay- did anyone see them? I have heard they are superlative tweeters. They were at only AUS$37 until about 10minutes to go. I bid $66 at 5 minutes to go, thinking i had won them, when 2 other bidders came from nowhere and they sold for AUS $82. Still a good buy if they were in undamaged condition, but you can never be sure.

    If 'high end' audio is Klipsch, Kef, Harmon Kardon, Bose and AR's, and low end is Teac, Pioneer and Technics, then i suppose my system is between low and middle - with a Techinics SU-V4 Class A integrated Amp, Sony CD, the previously mentioned Infinity's (plus large Technics floorstanding units to supplement the Infinity's poor bass) and recently an 8" Singer powered subwoofer.

    All for now.

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    Welcome to AR Mate!

    I wouldn't exactly call Klipsch, HK, AR and especially Bose high end audio. KEF does make some nice speakers though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by challengaaah
    Hello- just thought i'd introduce myself- I live in Perth, Western Australia (not WA- Washington State !)
    Welcome aboard. There are others here from Oz as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by challengaaah
    By the Way, i recently bid on some EMIT tweeters that were on Ebay- did anyone see them? I have heard they are superlative tweeters.
    They are and were used in the IRS speaker dating back to the early 80s. I heard a pair at a reviewer friend's house back in '80 and '83. Look here.

    Quote Originally Posted by challengaaah
    If 'high end' audio is Klipsch, Kef, Harmon Kardon, Bose and AR's....
    It really isn't, but one can get great sound for a modest investment today.


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    down there
    Good day to you, sir...and welcome to the forums.
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    How you doin man....

    Been to Perth and Albany, Freeo, all up and down the West Coast of Australia. Actually been there twice. Last time in 1997. Would love to go back again someday. Welcome to the Forums. How the West Coast Eagles doin these days?


    Da Worfster

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    Welcome to the Forums...
    My wife spent a year in Australia for school a few years back, I was fortunate enough to visit during her stay. Loved it.
    Glad to have you here.

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    HI - thanks for all the welcomes from Statesiders- amazing that so many of you have been down under here. Yes, its a big barren country- a bit like Arizona all over, but we do have our nice spots -weather can be harsh though. Worfster - the Eagles are always in the top 5, however i don't really pay much attention to commercial sport anymore (grew up in Sydney- other side of the country) and it was only Rugby (Thugby...?) League and Rugby Union over there. Kexo- what area of Oz did you visit your wife in ? I have worked pretty well everywhere so might be familiar with that area.

    As for High end Audio - wow, those brands i mentioned must be middle range then? Still only just affordable for me. And if i am not mistaken here by "reading between the lines" Blackraven, you must have a properly built listening room with great accoustics to house that phenomenal stable of sound equipment? That was always a dream of mine as a kid - to design a sound room, just for listening- everything correct in it, and listen to PinkFloyd, The Wall from one end to the other with no interruptions!! After a break it would be Dark Side of the Moon in dedicated Quadrophonic, as it was originally recorded.

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    Gday challengaaah, welcome aboard.

    Yes I actually remember the jingle they used to have on the telly, G'day from WA. I must
    be showing my age now heh.

    I've been looking around madly to seriously upgrade my hi fi system. Either way it just
    will not be cheap for me. Unfortunately retail sorta sucks for choice over here. I'm
    thinking of upgrading my cables and it's better to buy direct from the company because
    they're far too overpriced here. In addition you cannot get the top of the range in WA.

    I've comprimised on quality for far too long. Since I purchased by DynAudio speakers, it's
    not easy to find any reasonably priced gear to match the quality.
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    Hey Ozzie, i just replied to another one of your posts about your upgrade- importing it yourself. I've noticed Ebay seems seriously lacking in quality used hifi- people with the good stuff must be hanging onto it!

    My dream was always to just to hear (let alone, own) the top of the range RS series (Reference Standard) Infinity towers. I forget now what the model number was. This was when Infinity were making real speakers- more or less low production hand-made units, very expensive, but exceptional bass and clarity . I read about them about 20 years ago- then they were priced at about $25,000 and stood about 7 foot tall (correct me if i'm wrong), had about 6 semi transparent coned drivers and a row of Emit ribbon tweeters. The standard test of sound stage and realism for that reviewer was to play Pink Floyd, The Wall- the part in Another Brick in the Wall which had the helicopter, he said made his guts go into a spin and upon closing his eyes could not have differentiated the sound from a real helicopter- it was so all-pervasive and mesmerising.
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