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Thread: FM Reception

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    Question FM Reception

    Does anyone have any miracle solutions to improve fm recption ? I am using a dipole at the moment but having dificulty getting a good signal from a station about 50 miles away.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    No miracles.

    First off, avoid those little plastic amplified antennas. me on this one.

    For 50 miles is gonna require a decent sized antenna, most likely mounted on the roof. A lot depends on your location, the station's location and the terrain in between.

    If you're really lucky and are in a good, clean line of site to the station, you might get by with an outdoor mounted omni like this one:

    If there's still no luck, these directionals would be the next step up:

    Good luck, and here's a little toy to play with. Poke around the advanced features. I find the city search to be the most useful.
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    I replaced my lame dipole antenna with a rooftop unit and it can make a substantial difference. I am pulling in stations from over 70 miles away fairly well, and the local ones sound a lot better. Maybe buy a couple of the alternatives from Circuit City and return the ones that don't work. Start as cheaply and simply as possible, then keep trying new alternatives till you get what you're after.

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