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    259 Heard of it?

    Any one ever heard of this place?
    Want to buy a receiver from them ... thanks in advance

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    I googled "electrocloseout" and was bombarded with the most negative reviews that I have ever seen. The bottom line was: "Stay as far away from these people as possible!".

    Sounds like good advice to me!
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    Thank you very much!!! I shall do that

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    RoyY51 has made a good point, but......

    I visited and it would seem one should be cautious about this site.

    I remember that ResellerRating used to include all previous ratings in their overall scoring, or quote scores for "the last year" and "lifetime" but apparently no more.


    First I checked on and saw many low-rating reviews. When I tried to search again later for I got ZERO results.or failed searches. I have no idea what the problem(s) was (were).

    I checked several other resellers on who all had 5-star ratings (10/10) indicated on RR but the fine print noted in all cases that the rating was (only) for the last 6 months.

    These resellers also had many 1-star and 2-star ratings which were older than 6 months so those were apparently not counted in the reseller's overall rating. It looked to me that the reseller could periodically give themselves a 5-star rating and thereby look really great to the casual viewer most of the time.

    It appeared in that first "electrocloseout" search results that
    had not yet successfully implemented this strategy.

    Also the ResellerRating site search function often failed to find other requested results or it was *very* slow.

    A possibly useful site (that you should note has AMAZON ads)

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    My vintage gear!!!

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    What brand of receiver are you trying to purchase. A lot of us like myself keep on the lookout and know where online to buy the different brands of equipment that is out there and get the best price but still have a return policy or some sort of reputation so you know you are not getting a factory second or a bad experience all around. If you could tell us exactly what you are looking for then the knowledgeable on that particular product could guide you in the right direction to get you a reputable company with the best price on said item.

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