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    Electro Vioce

    Ihad a little takl with som e in the businsses last week .
    he pased onto me Ev has bein sold andis ownednow by a igger paent company .
    The yeah but and I'm kin dof miffed about os he toldme the EV spaekerplan t was in a smal tonw in Quebec caanada head office or used to be was in Mich .
    What bugs me as a candain we should have got a bit bette deal on the driver seein g threr made uphere , plus no extr sale taxes pu ton them athte boarder as well.
    You yanks got naiedas wel withthe driver eing made up here should have gotten a beter deal o them withthe dferience on our dollars .
    Ijust think buyers on both sides of the boarder got it up the you know what for years on this set up !!
    Also don't know where there drivers are being produce now either

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    Sorry, I left my decoder ring in the cereal box and therefore can't respond.

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    Question Wow...

    I thought Leet Speak was bad, this is bloody indecipherable.... I'm lost. Something about Ev havin been sold to some out of country conglomerate... I was lost after that....

    Da "Dazed and Confused" Worfster

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    James, i recommend a new keyboard, it looks like letters dont work or stick....we know you can spell better than this.
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    Dang Canadians. Take away their hockey and look what happens to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N. Abstentia
    Dang Canadians. Take away their hockey and look what happens to them.

    I think hockey or nationality has nothing to do with this guy's problems...

    (*snicker* Blue Jackets....lmao)....

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    Quote Originally Posted by kexodusc

    I think hockey or nationality has nothing to do with this guy's problems...

    (*snicker* Blue Jackets....lmao)....
    Maaybe he was the goalie and blocked with his head a little too often?

    Seriously james, show a little courtsey and respect to those trying to read your posts. If you expect anyone to respond to your posts, at least write so others can understand what you are saying. A typo here and there is one thing but you post pure gobbledgook.

    Taint fair to expect everyone else to take the time to decipher what you are obviously capable of saying clearly if you choose to. It almost looks like you do it intentionaly to see what you can get away with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Ihad a little takl . ..
    Is that you, Mtry? Are you back?


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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Stat
    Is that you, Mtry? Are you back?

    Sir Terrence

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