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    Smile DVD-Audio/SACD Digitally Via HDMI:Onkyo TX-SR804 Oppo DVD-981HD Match Made In Heaven

    If you are serious about music and you want the absolute best sound available today than simply get a receiver that is HDMI 1.1 compliant in audio and video and the Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD player. I've been listening to various DVD-Audio discs the last several hours and the superiority over CD audio is like night and day. It is the most amazing thing I've ever heard since getting into this hobby. I started with The Doobie Brothers: The Captain and Me, then The Doors: L.A Woman, and followed that up with The Eagles: Hotel California. The richness of the soundstage is so vivid it is intoxicating.

    Don't feel like you need to wait for receivers with onboard processors to get audiophile lossless sound. We have it today via Linear PCM and all HDMI 1.1 compliant audio devices will give us the highest resolution sounds available. Buy a DVD player with right decoders like the Oppo DV-981HD and you are set for everything that this generation has to offer. You have digital DVD-Audio and SACD via HDMI and everything else. Even if you want HD-DVD or BLU-RAY you are set, too because those players do the decoding.

    I truly have a future proof receiver in the Onkyo TX-SR804 and finally I can say that I will not be getting another till this one dies. FYI, I'm running in a Pure Audio mode with the Onkyo where basically all the energy for the thing is going towards sound quality for multi-channel DVD-Audio. It just functions as a glorified volume knob and even shuts off the front display. It sounds absolutely perfect and I haven't even adjusted any of the settings in the Oppo other than the few things the manual tells you to do for best HDMI performance. For stereo playback at 192khz, yes that is a ridiculous number, I simply press stereo on my Onkyo remote and it lets me process some output to my subs otherwise in pure audio it will only be my left and right mains playing where with my speakers the low end is not adequate without the help of the subs. I'm in audio heaven here.

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    ha ha futureproof...

    Yeah right. Wait until the DTS-HD receivers hit the market.

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