i am a total audio newbie and i am trying to build fairly low end system for home theater and classical music

unlike most listeners i am trying to get the best sound at very low levels since i live in a condo with poor sound control, i would appreciate any feedback on these questions:

1) i am looking at Infinity Entra Three speakers (refurbs) which are super cheap at harmanaudio.com..are they a good choice for a beginner who likes classical music..or can you recommend others in the same price range for a beginner that sound good at low volumes?..is there even such a concept as speakers that sound better at low volumes??

2) i am very interested in something called "Dolby Headphone"because i use headphones for movie watching and they apparently provide pretty good simulation of surround sound..the least expensive receiver that has this feature is the Kenwood VR-9070..any opinions ??........i want it to produce pretty good stereo sound for music as well...if it were not for "dolby headphone" i would almost certainly buy the HK 135 but i really want to get this feature

3) finally a general question, this applies to receivers under about $500, would stereo receivers produce better sound for classical cd's versus a/v receivers? or is it a matter of getting receivers by specs ie. thd and being "high current", in other words at the low end are stereo receivers and a/v receivers about equal for classical music?

thanks a lot in advance for any opinions