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Thread: Do half naked models help you make audio decisions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnMichael View Post
    oh but there are so many reasons to be offended
    Be that as it may...
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    More broadly, does "life style" or "beautiful people" advertising influence your decisions respecting any product or service??

    Everything from Viagra/Cialis to beer to eyeglass lens is sold using, if not explicit sexuality, then beautiful people (increasingly male as well as female -- and why not), beautiful locations, beautiful homes, etc., etc., even where these things have absolutely nothing to do with product, its function, or quality.

    Being an obsessively analytic person combined with the fact of being a marginally poor person, I like to believe that I'm not much influenced by these huckster techniques: maybe I'm kidding myself. In the case of audio equipment, and especially the audiophile stuff, most buyers are men and most men are heterosexual, so near (or completely) naked women are a natural to get their attention if not actually persuade them.

    Come to that, who would you rather look at: Mark Gilmore or Linda O'Neal ?!?

    Do half naked models help you make audio decisions?-gilmore-linda-oneal.jpg
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    I am not interested in either one. I am glad his product is displayed. As a male albeit not a straight male I am insulted that advertisers think men's decisions can be swayed so easily. Of course I also wonder about men that need silver silhouettes of women on their mud flaps.
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    Neither of the pictured ads would induce me to buy the products. In fact, in both cases, the ads are unattractive, and I am a straight guy (okay maybe 95%, I might not have met the right man yet) who loves a little... er, well back on track.

    It seems like gratuitous pandering, plus the models are unnatural looking in their poses. It's just freakishly weird to me. Look at the woman's expression in the turntable ad. Lordy, I wouldn't want that thing sleeping in my house!

    Now, give me a normal woman in shorts and a t-shirt shaking her moneymaker in front of a piece of gear, she has a happy look on her face, she's closed her eyes, her hair is flying, she's entranced by the music, hell, I'll have what she's having! Now that's a woman who could help me make an audio decision.
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