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    Digital Audio out VS Good ole Red and White RCA comparison

    I did some searching for the answer to this question but so far, no luck. I have just put in a SA3250HD Set Top Box from Adelphia. It has the RCA red/white audio output AND a Digital Audio output..

    Q. Is it worth it to go purchase a digital audio cable or is it ok to just use the red/white RCA cables? They would go (RCA or Digital) to a yamaha receiver that would feed the speakers..

    Thanks in advance.


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    Well, that depends...

    If you want true DD or DTS digital sound which can deliver 5.1 (0r 6.1) discrete channels then you will want to go with the digital outputs.

    If you're content with only two discrete channels and DPL (which uses a matrix system) to deliver the additional channels, then feel free to use the red/white analog feed.

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