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Thread: Denon DRA1025RA

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    Denon DRA1025RA

    My DRA1025RA finally crapped out after many many years of great service.
    Lately I have only been using it for my out door BA Voyager speakers.
    I am looking for a replacement Stereo AMP with good quality sound.
    My home theater system is now doubling to power my outdoor speakers but I want a generic receiver (inexpensive) to connect Sirius and my CG changer to the outdoor speakers.
    Any ideas?

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    For "generic" Best Buy sells either Sherwood or their own Insignia which both used to have a stereo receiver around $100.00 give or take. A bit better Onkyo has a stereo receiver that was just under $200.00. For good sound on a budget NAD integrated amps start around $300.00.

    Or, you could check around for a used receiver of some sort but the older ones won't have remote.

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