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    Cleaning SACD's?

    Is there a certain way to clean SACD's? I have 1 disc that skips. I tried wiping it down and it helped a little but certain songs still skip.

    Should I wipe in a circular motion or straight from center to edge?

    Is it ok to use some type of cleaning solution(windex)?

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    You should clean it exactly as you would clean a CD or DVD--wipe across, not around. The reason is this: If you should scratch it, wiping in a circular motion you can make a large portion of data unreadable, but if you scratch it from edge to center, it will only block a small portion of the data in each round (because the disc is read in a circle, like an LP [except that it reads from center to edge, and counterclockwise]).

    There are various cleaners sold for CDs/DVDs, and they should all be fine. Any cleaner that is safe for plastic should be fine.

    If the disc is new, after cleaning it, if it still skips, exchange it for a new one, as it may be defective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrrho
    If the disc is new, after cleaning it, if it still skips, exchange it for a new one, as it may be defective.
    Or its possible that the player's firmware needs to be updated, as in the case of the Pioneer 563a. It has trouble playing certain discs depending on the fw level.

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