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    Hey Bingo, I don't have that track, can you try another? Or if someone has that track, would anyone want to "let me hear it"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevef22
    you guys are crackheads.
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    Transparency's easy

    Quote Originally Posted by Bingo
    Sound is not easy to describe in words is it? We all try very hard to be accurate and yet somehow we are very easily misunderstood. I do like what I like to call "CLEAN" sound and sound that I say has a "BLOOM" - but I'll bet two bucks that not many people could translate 'clean' and 'bloom' into an idea that would agree with what I mean by it.
    ...well...about transparent I'm not so sure! See what I mean? Anyway Jim, I'm happy that your new speakers have been all that you had hoped they would be.

    According to Sterephile's Audio Glossary:
    "transparency, transparent 1) A quality of sound reproduction that gives the impression of listening through the system to the original sounds, rather than to a pair of loudspeakers. 2) Freedom from veiling, texturing, or any other quality which tends to obscure the signal. A quality of crystalline clarity."
    Nolan, as you and I discussed, the most reliable way to judge transparency is to listen for the "separation" or "delineation" of individual instruments or voices.

    Stereophile's Glossary, (with thanks to Dusty Chalk) ...

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