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Thread: Christmas wish

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    Christmas wish

    If you could have any one piece of audio equipment under your tree...what would it be?

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    Talking That would have to be...

    Suzy Kolber singing whatever she damn well pleases.

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    A large dedicated listening room where I could place multiple speakers side by side and listen to them till I found the best speaks I could afford.

    Da Worfster

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    I thought it'd be tough!

    And figured well, it'd have to be speakers, the best, maybe Avantgarde Trios? With Basshorns ?

    But the Worfsters' got me beat. A small Severance Hall on the back of the house is WAYYYYY better. Of course, I could always sell the Trios' to finance it! Decisions, decisions.

    Merry Chrismas, everyone. It's been another great year.

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