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    CD Player saying 'no disc" after cleaning laser.

    I've just bought a Rotel CD-991 and it frequently skipped (or at least lost sound for a moment) during playback. It did it at some point with almost every disc I tried although all discs played perfectly for 99+% of the time. Replaying a track after a skip would not produce a skip at the original skip point so I suppose the fault lay in the CD player rather than in the discs.

    Being an intrepid sort, I today took the top of the case off and-cleaned the laser lens with a camera lens-brush (no fluids) and now, whenever I insert a disc, it says 'No disc'.

    When I insert a CD, the tray closes and the disc rotates about 90 degrees clockwise, then pauses for a moment, then moves another 45 degrees clockwise.

    The display then shows the 'No disc' message.

    I've done this in a darkened room and at no stage does the laser flash.

    Woe is very much me.

    Can anyone help?
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    If you haven't called Rotel yet then that is my recommendation. Sounds like touching the lens has perhaps caused a misalignment. Best of luck!

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    You may have a servo or motor issue. Whenever I put a disc in it spins so it an be read for title and other pertinent info. The fact your only rotates a partial rotation seems more of an issue than the laser.

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