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    can I skip my pre amp and go bluray to amp?

    I am wondering that since my only source is my Oppo 93 can I skip hooking it up to my 10 yr old preamp and just connect the line outs to my amps?

    the Oppo has its own remote volume control and of course I use it to decode the soundtrack for movies

    in theory is seems like the sound would be better as one less component to go thru or am I missing something?

    thanks for any comments

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    Lower the OPPO's volume to ZERO and THEN fire up your amp.

    If everything remains quiet, then SLOWLY up the OPPO's volume ....

    I checked the OPPO 971H in the kitchen. It connects directly to a pair of ART Tube Studio which connect via XLR to Mackies at the other end of the kitchen. The volume feature on the OPPO controlled speaker volume nicely. Go for it.
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