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    Cable Boxes

    I have time warner basic cable (no box) for the basic channels. I currently use my VCR to change the channels and use the RCA outputs Left/Right and Composite Video to feed my receiver. I then take my monitor out on receiver to the TV. Is there a cable box that I can buy that will let me do this? I would like to have all video formats available (Component, S-Video, Composite) and also have all audio formats (digital, optical, RCA) as outputs on the box. I don't even know what you call a box like this besides cable box. The object is to have better outputs to my receiver and get rid of my VCR, which I only use as a channel changer. Any links or comments are welcome. Thanks, Paul.

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    Why not go with Digital Cable. It's not much more. They simply give you the digital box (pretty much as you described) and once you hook it up, you have digital cable. The line coming into your house is the same line as with basic. The box is the only difference. I am not sure there is any other way around this with Warner. I have them here in Houston.


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