Since sarting this project , I have read hundreds of reviews, analysis, comparison charts and marketing blurbs. Although I am a very mall adverse guy, when wife and kids are malling, I have tagged along to visit the audio video super stores to narrow down some of My selections,,,,,sort of kick the tires you might say.
Anyway, after getting a Panasonic Viera Plasma 50 inch as a Business performance gift, I decided to replace all the old "stuff", starting with a Pioneer Elite Sc-07 AV network Processor. Having a rather beefy home PC, Dell Demention with Tv tuner, AV processor, 1.5TB of mirrored WD 500Gb drives, and actually liking something from Microsoft, the Media Center application, which will be the central application of the network. The Pioneer seems to interface well and is network ready with ethernet 100MBS support, as a node on the home network of a 80 ft run of RG6 cable from the DLink DIR-655 Router. All the other Home/business PC's can connect via wireles. The speakers system (5.1) will be from Hsu Research w/(1) VTF2 sub, (4) HB1 and (1) HC1 Center channel and all placed in the one family Room/Home theater room.(to be) that is 12 x16 with front to rear vaulted cieling. An adjacent kitchen 18x14 and french doors out to the paito/bar/BBQ with dinning table area...all covered @ 14x42, this will be the second zone from the pioneer and fashioned as a Sports bar like setting, with several slaved small LCD's for sports events and such.
After spending a fair amount of time to review My wiring needs; audio, video and electrical, I am seeking some help and advise for this phase and the entire system. the walls can beopened to make this neat and clean...and will run large conduit for wiring trunks at TV, and reciever/network processor with covered wells. I want this large capacity to ensure ease of pulling the wires and allowing for the future to upgrade without tearing the wallls apart again. So
So in conclusion, any thoughts, references to resources or recommendations like "don't do it that way you idiot, do this and add that" ....kind of offerings. Keep in mind we all have a budget and limits.....
Thanks for the help. I can be emailed also "MBASteveG2"