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    A/B speaker setting

    I have a Onkyo 676 reciever which i have hooked up in my living room. It is set up for 5.1 surround sound. I also have some JBL outdoor speakers mounted under the eve of my back porch to enjoy the sounds while swimming in the pool. My problem is that when i switch to use the B speakers (outdoors) the volume is greatly reduced. Inside when i set it at say 30 it is very loud but when i use this same setting outdoors i can barely hear anything. It has always been like this since i hooked the speakers up brand new. Do i need another amp to power these speakers or is there something else i might need to check first. Any help would be greatly appreciated! This reciever can be used for multiple rooms!

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    ........It makes sense that in an enclosed area such as your living room the said volume will be louder as opposed to outside. When you have 4 speakers hooked up to a receiver the power drops by half to each speaker when running all 4. Turning off the the A speakers when you listen to the B speakers outside should double the power to the outside speakers. Also check the speaker sensitivity of your jbl's. If it is 3dbl lower than your inside speakers it's the same as half the power. Hope this helps........Zapr.

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    yea most likely it is the speakers. i have the same set up as you. 5.1 in one room and then room b stereo. im using a yamaha amp tho. i have good speakers in the 5,1 and not so good old ones in the other room. and they are much quieter like yours are. its just becuase they need more power i think.

    could it also be that maybe the outdoor ones are 4 or 6 ohms? and your 5.1 set up is 8 ohms?

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    ........Speaker impedence won't affect loudness......Zapr

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