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    Audio Question

    I recently purchased, B&K Ref 30, B&K 7270 multi channel amp, Paradigm s-4 fronts, C-3 as center. So far the experiance has been great. With no sub, S-4's create great sound stage and deep image.

    I have been listening to it for these two days. Two channel Music has been awesome experience for me mostly. On some songs If there are more number of INstruments playing, I need to decrease the volume down or i see some distortion if i run it at the same level.

    I am not sure if this is a problem. Is could be because, there are more number of instruments being played so there is more signal input at the same level so I need to decrease the volume or Could that be for poor recording, or could that be for poor CD player.

    I have a philips magnavox cheap CD player which I bought for $40.00. I am running the audio thru the Digital coaxial cable.

    Let me know your opinion.

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    In all likelihood, what you're observing is simply CDs that are mastered at different levels. Distortion occurs when the level hits the "digital zero". Unfortunately, the trend in professional circles nowadays is to master the CDs at as high a level as possible. Without heavily compressing the signal, these high levels are playing very close to the point where distortion kicks in. There's really no way to remedy this. It doesn't have anything to do with your system or the CD player itself.

    Otherwise, distortion can also set in if you're playing the music at levels far above what your amp and/or speakers can handle. With a B&K/Paradigm Signature combination, I doubt that you're seeing the upper limits of what your system can handle unless you have a very large room or are trying to push the decibel count into the triple digits.
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    Another question

    I feel comfortable with your answer. Another question is if there are more number of instruments playing, we dont see as much separation as we do see on the smaller number of instruments playing. Can that be fixed by adding a better DAC or a upsampler.


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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    I strongly doubt it. Not all CD's are recorded by the same person to the same standar

    Separation is something that is controlled in the mixing room. And, that generally refers to the left/right balance. I think you mean localization. Localization is quite an iffy thing, particularly when many instruments are involved. If you've ever been to a symphonic concert, you would notice that the sounds then to blend into an amorphous mass and localization is almost impossible, unless there's a solo.

    BTW, this, too, is controllable in the mixing room as well.

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