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    For audio, how does Denon's DVD-2910 rate to other same price players?

    I have a budget of $700.00 and was wondering if this Denon is the best for music/audio in it's price range. I will use it for 50% music and 50% movies. I will be needing HDMI outputs that put out 1080i. I have been comparing unit with others such as Marantz, Sony etc..
    Please offer any info you might have.

    (I understand that the DVD-2930Cl will soon be out which replaces the 2910 but can find no info in it)
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    I highly recommend the Denon 2910. I actually found my player refurbished for about $350 and what a steal that was!!!

    As other reviews have stated...the machine is well built, fully capable of multiple functions, handles HDCD, SACD, CD, etc etc. Also, has a great picture using either component or HDMI. I love the fact that you can easily toggle to 1080, 720 etc. Of course there will always be newer models that come out, but that doesn't always mean it will be better...sometimes worse. This machine also does PAL and NTSC. It replaced my Sony 5 disc changer.

    For such a versitile player and at the price it is ....what a awesome machine. It will give you great audio until you perhaps decide to go for something in the really high-end market.

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    The 2910 is pretty tough to beat <$1K.

    For audio, it sports Burr-Brown 24/192 dac's with discrete dsd and pcm decoding (no downconversion of SACD). Hi-rez sounds simply awesome and you have full bass management to boot. Plus, if you have a Denon AVR, you can use a single DenonLink instead of 6 analog cables for Hi-Rez. RBCD's are done with typical Denon care, which is to say better than any other mass market Japanese company IMO. Not as brittle as Sony or Yamaha but better resolved than Pioneer or Panny. Of course, YMMV.

    For video, the Faroudja DCDi chipset is terrific and possibly bettered only by Sony. Picture quality is excellent and you can even defeat the dreaded macroblocking inherent with some displays with some fine tuning of the settings. Speaking of settings, the adjustability of the video on this thing is tweaker heaven. You can either dial this puppy in to astonishing clarity or truly screw it up, depending on your skill set. Either way, it's nice to have.

    One final note: This thing is built like a tank. Seriously. The build quality is really, really impressive for such an inexpensive piece, relatively speaking of course. If you want examples, read the Audioholics review provided.

    I looked at Yammie, Marantz, Pio, Cambridge, and Panny before I bought the Denon. I haven't been disappointed. Here are a couple of reviews for your perusal, one from Audioholics (which has some great pics under the hood) and one from TPV.

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm a proud owner of the 2910 and let me tell you it's a helluva unit. I purchased this over a year ago so I haven't compared it to any recent units in the same price range. I compared this unit to the Samsung 841 and HK DVD22. Sound wise there was no comparison. The unit is 3X the cost so this was expected. Wish I could be more of a help. Anyways, here's a nice review if you haven't read ths yet. I've had this baby for over a year now and can say audio and video quality are excellent. SACD/DVD-A sounds amazing.

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    Doesnt the Yamaha C950 have all and more then the 2910 at under 500 bucks?
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