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    Cool Audio Event

    Went to a local audio store's Open House/party tonight. The main attraction was Focal Scalla Utopia's driven by all Sim Audio via Nordust cabling. I really enjoyed this system, it was a lot of fun and engaging, more like a live performance. I have to say I didn't expect that. The Sim Audio power amp was the 870a at a cost of $22k, weighing in at 105 lbs and rated at 300x2 into 8 ohms and 600 into 4 ohms etc. huge current and power reserves. The 870a has no voltage regulation, so it can produce enough current to drive any speaker. I didn't get the other model numbers but the preamp was $9500.00, the DAC $14k, and there was a Clearaudio table into the Moon 610. The shop has custom audio rooms.

    The Scalla were putting some sound pressure into the room on recordings with low end, you could feel the bass easily but the overall sound was clean and transparent. The bass wasn't out of control but it also had low end harmonics that super high current amps can sometimes kill with over control. This is meant to be positive, the sound didn't come over as "audiophile" but it gave the aspects of live music. It was definitely one of the top systems I've heard.

    There was also in another room a live Jazz trio, I guess this was for comparison . It was interesting though because I got a feel for what live sounds like in their building.

    Side note: To my surprise the event had valet parking. So into the parking area I arrive, noticing at least 4 Porsches and here I am in the Kia minivan that my wife seems not even to try to keep cleaned out, I'm talking roll of paper towels, papers, kids books, movies and who knows what but they let me in any way, LOL

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    It's great to have a good local b&m dealer. We don't where I am. Actually there are three mid- to high-end dealers. One is an appointment-only McIntosh dealer that focuses on custom installation; another is also emphasises custom installation and has a limited product range; the third has a good product range but the place is dingy and the manager is an arrogant and opinionated. None of these dealers hold events or even do much advertising in general.

    BTW, you Kia sounds like our Rav4.

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