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    Anyone familar with Vincent Audio?

    Hi All,

    I saw components listed on Audio Advisor by German company for Vincent Audio (receiver, amps, CD players). Has anyone had any experience with these products? If so, what do you think?

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    Read up on this link for some inform.

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    if you're on a VERY VERY LOW BUDGET, and this is your very very last resort, then get them. otherwise: stay away. all vincent does is making Classe, Mark Levinson & Krell ripoffs.

    I've heard them a few times: the sound quality is reasonable (although nothing special) but the sound has no dimension, no depth, no nothing, it just produces 'sound', but extremely flat. only good point is that they go loud.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the company isn't really german. It's designed by a german (dunno which one, but definately not a creative engineer...), the company is really chinese, built in china, and the products are designed in germany (some of them...), built to a low budget. Then produced in china using not-so-good-parts...

    so, I hope I helped...
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    Bastie ist right, its crap. Check out something else ;-)
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