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    ANyone else having trouble sending emails thru Audiogon?

    Lame thread alert!

    Sorry, but I keep trying to contact a seller and once I hit "send" on the Audiogon page, it goes to some weird code. I never receive any of the messages I've sent as confirmation in my inbox either.

    Is this happening to any of you?


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    Wink Had good luck

    I had excellent luck with Audiogon - everything went through justs fine. I sent and received emails from several different buyers....with no problem. This surely does not help you solve the problem you have, but I can help you wonder! Let me know if you find out what went wrong.

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    Similar query so...

    My question isn't about getting a question on audiogon but on asking questions!

    Okay so I'm new to buying used products over the internet. I was wondering what things should you ask about speakers or other audio equipment to get an idea of the use? I intend on buying off of audiogon.

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    I think any question carefully phrased is withing reason. Most sellers on audiogon are very proud of their equipment and are happy to answer questions. If it were me, one question i would ask is "are you the original owner" and if so "did you buy it from an authorized dealer." But that is just me.

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    I guess I care less about original owner, but I do care if the item is being sold by an enthusiast owner or a reseller out for a quick turnaround profit.

    I don't mind buying from resellers as long as they identify themselves as such. One should never ask a reseller about their opinion on a piece of gear, the answer just isn't reliable.

    But the owner selling to downsize or upgrade, he has an opinion, he has useful information, ask away. Most are proud of their stuff and will get into minute details if prompted.

    (Audiogon email has always worked perfectly for me, you are of course registered?)

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