Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone at AR would be interested in participating in a possible regional forum that I'm trying to get started. It would simply be an easy way to share not only this hobby with others in our area...but also share some of our favorite music with others as well.

In addition to sharing some of your favorite audio shops, record stores or small concerts with others...it's also nice to get out and listen to some gear at small gatherings that take place every now and then. I know I've met some great people and listened to some nice gear at some gatherings I've been to in the Chicago area. Some of the gear I've heard at these meetings are from smaller companies or DIY designers...there would have been no other way to audition some of this stuff if I hadn't found an owner in my area.

I'm not really thinking of anything structured...just a one stop place on the web where people in the Chicago area could go to find out about audio stores in their area, notable smaller concerts we may otherwise never hear of...also to see a list of Chicago area clubs links and meeting dates or gatherings.

You can check out this thread if your interested.