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    Another SCAM on ebay

    Here's a SCAM on ebay. I think if you have ebay accounts you should report it.

    There's NO WAY B&W 801s would sell for that and offer free shipping worldwide. Also, I think that con artist hacked into a legitimate person's ebay account and is using his good rating, as this is the SAME item from the SAME SOURCE as ebay ID: rolly186, who was ousted from ebay for being a con-artist sold. I suggeset this gets reported.

    Here's another potential SCAM. As the same item was sold on videogon (it even looked suspicious there, and has been makred sold there):

    Here's the videogon site:

    I suspect hard foulplay here.

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    There are hundreds of scams on ebay every single day. You don't have to post everyone you see. All you have to do is not bid on something with the person having bad feedback or no feedback.

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    I know that. I'm not stupid. I'm not worried about myself at all. I'm just trying to help out the poor folks who don't know the difference. It's not fair that they get screwed. That's all.

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