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    All 5 channels at the same time

    I have a JVC RX-888 receiver, and I have my computer hooked up to it for music playback. How do i set up my receiver to play all the speakers at once? We have a Yamaha that can do this, and I would like to do the same with this receiver.


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    Can only do that if that receiver has a five-channel stereo DSP mode. Not all multichannel receivers have that mode available. Check your owner's manual and see what DSP modes are available.

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    I would think that receiver would have an option to take a normal 2-channel signal and convert it into 5-channel. Definately going to sound like crap, I'm sure, but's whatever tickles your pickle...

    Read the manual. I guess that's really the only advice I could give...
    Warning: My advice is based on what little experience I have under my belt, building on the last 5 years, and is in no way intended as scientific facts. Please also consider that, like the average human being, I may tend to be a bit bias toward my own personal preferences in audio. Use your own judgement and common sense, and please always listen for yourself. If it sounds good to you, the hell with what others say.

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