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Thread: IS Aiwa...

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    IS Aiwa...

    ..Any good?

    Any info on there stuff?

    Found one of there subs for sale, used ,and was just wondering if thay where any good and if i should bother finding out the model number and seeing how much the particular sub it worth/goes for.

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    Aiwa used to be known for making excellent tape decks and a lot of other mass market components of lesser quality (much like Akai, which exited the market a lot earlier). Most of Aiwa's products have been in the mini-system and car audio markets, and they stopped making tape decks almost a decade ago. I don't remember them making any standalone subs, so what you see might be something that was packaged with a mini-system. In general, the speakers of theirs that I heard were not very good.

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    I would be suprised if it was any good. It seems like Aiwa specializes in those mini-systems now, and we all know how those sound. But you never know, give it a listen if you can.

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    I have an Aiwa boom box. It sounds very good for what it is. Not sure about their subs.
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