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    Packing equipment

    "my biggest issue with selling gear is properly packaging the units for shipping. if you dont have original boxes (and in many cases, even if you do), packaging can take considerable effort. more often than not i've had to use over sized boxes and cut them to size, using a hot glue gun to seal the splice."

    That's one reason why I save all original boxes even if my wife complains about the room they take up in the garage. -Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor
    Ah! So, (opps! no racial slur intended), you don't speak Cantonese, but I guess there are a lot of English speakers in Hong Kong.

    I was totally amazed to learn how much Mandarin my son has picked up. But then he took some courses and his wife and in-laws are from Beijing. I recently met his wife's folks who don't speak English, and was delighted that my son did quite a bit of the translation for them and us to communicate.
    Learning languages can be difficult especially Chinese languages but I'm sure I'll pick up a little. The written language will be tougher. I have been to Hong Kong for a week so I kind of know what I am in for. Great city really - the Asian city to go to is you ever wanted to try Asia but were worried about language. Most everything is in English anyway since they ran the place for so long. Mainland China has more or less left it alone because it works.

    Hong Kong is very much like Vancouver in a lot of ways. More than 50% of the people who live in Vancouver are Asian (mostly Chinese) and the joke here is that Vancouver's real name should be Hongcouver.

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    LOL, cause I just heard a buddy compare his "wave" to new Accoustimax Cinetech offering from Bose.

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