I starting looking for a new EQ and came across the above ART HD215 EQ and the words:
"High Definition" in the product description compelled me to read the specifications.

There it states the ART HD215 unit is silent in its operation and since I have 2,800 watts total output power it was exactly what I needed.

I found the slider operation to be smooth & precise and the sweep able High pass and Low pass filters knobs are big enough grab a hold of and operate with ease and accuracy.

Silent operation Oh YES and WOW what a clean, clear natural sound, yeah baby yeah!!!

For reference I decided to play the Vinyl record "American Woman" Reissued by because of the use of the acoustic guitar and upright piano (Not Electric) I was amazed at how Burton Cummings voice sounded almost eerie on the song "Talisman", it was like he was right there and the acoustic guitar and piano were both warm and real sounding.

Prior to the HD215, was the Radio Shack rack mount EQ it never sounded natural and had an annoying audible hiss through the tweeters at all volumes,.

The Radio Shack unit sounded bloated at the bottom end and dull at the top and the midrange was so-so, it was also hard on the amps too when pushed to the limits of the system (something I do every Friday night) lol

With the new ART HD215 added,
my system has never sounded as natural, clean and realistic as it does now!
I can't wait to really crank it up tonight.
Equipment listed below...