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    Worse Yet, Has Anyone Seen "The Punisher"?

    I have not seen either of the Kill Bills, but man, oh man, was the film adaptation of Marvel's "The Punisher" just awful in my opinion....not only was this disaster untrue to the Frank Castle character in the comic --- there IS NO denying this or trying to re-stage this analysis --- the pacing and casting was COMPLETELY wrong. This was pretty much, in a nutshell any way you ****in slice it, a shoot-em-up, Rambo-takes-revenge adventure with no comic book overtones. Sadly, fans of Marvel's Punisher would actually have to look to the 1989 (circa) version of the film with Dolph Lundgren at the helm for the role to get a more meaningful adaptation of the tale....and that was a DIRECT TO VIDEO release.

    And my god....was Travolta just awful in this film as the villianous Howard Saint....what a wooden, one dimensional performance he turned in....just god awful. Just as bad as his role in Swordfish IMO; while some villian roles of his didnt turn my stomach, a la Broken Arrow or perhaps Face Off, I do believe his Tony Manero role in Saturday Night Fever was actually better perceived. He played an AWFUL anti-hero here; completely not frightening, and I would go as far to say that wrestler Kevin Nash, aka Diesel, playing the giant Russian who kicks the **** out of Thomas Jane (the ill-casted Punisher), was MUCH SCARIER as a villian than Travolta. But no matter; the main character, Punisher, wasn't cast right; Thomas Jane, of "Deep Blue Sea" fame, seems to sink himself in Jack Daniels during most of the sequences instead of drowning in his memories, as depicted in the comic. And they said Daredevil was, this couldn't hold a candle ablaze to Daredevil.

    And I finally caught the Spider Man 2 official theatrical trailer....looks awesome....the fight sequences with Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus look great, although the storyline may get a bit hokey....seems like Parker wants to hang up his Spidey suit until Doc Occ shows up. Lots of CGI to deal with.
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