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    Why I LOVE Turner Classic Movies...

    Not only do you get the well known "classics" you know GWTW, Citizen Kane etc but whats more important you get little known gems that were and never will be shown on commerical T.V. Case in point last Tues they showed a flick I'd never heard of called "Saturdays Hero". I read the blurb on it and started watching. This flim made in 1951 blows the lid off of "amature college athletics". It was considered subversive and HUAAC and the censors cut it up and modified it substantially. Even so it showed what we all know now to be true. College Football is about money, pain, drugs and doing everything to win.

    The hero a working class polish-american kid from Jersey, buys some swill from a ritzy southern college thinking that he'd be able to really get his education AND play football. Soon he finds himself be used and abused while his teammates grab all the booster money they can get under and over the table. He eventually gets hurt and finds that no one wants Saturday's Hero once he's too banged up to play. They were going to hang the films director and producer when the real life West Point Football cheating scandal broke. Life sometimes does imitate are or sometimes art reveals life.

    Wow.... it's amazing to think that they knew even then. Great movie, and one I'd never have even heard of much less seen without Ole Ted The Head Turner.. .. God Bless em.!!!!

    Da Worfster

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    The best part about TCM are no commercials

    I like it when they dig into their archives for short films breaks.

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    Several weeks ago they played Chris Marker's LE JETEE, which was part of the inspiration behind Terry Gilliam's 12 MONKEYS. Both excellent films.

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