Has anybody seen this 1981 movie starring Richard Dreyfuss. He plays a sculptor who after a car accident, is left a paralyzed. Appalled at the prospect of a life in which he has no control of anything, he pleads with hospital authorities to release him so he could die. When they refuse, he takes them to court.

The doctor oppose to his release is played by John Cassavetes who does an excellent job and matches wits with Dreyfuss step by step. One would think this is a dark movie, but it is actually pretty entertaining movie watching Dreyfuss maze his way thru hospital bureaucracy, and arguing one's right over his or her destiny to whether to live or die.

And there are genuine comdey moments that make one laugh out loud. At end of movie in his hospital bed after the judge order for him to be released, the staff that was tucking Dreyfuss in for the night rolled up the blanket to his chest, waited a second and as joke rolled up the blanket over his head. I almost fell off the chair laughing so hard