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    Where series go to die . . .

    I missed the Lost train (have Netflix now; will catch up one day) so I was determined to watch that other tv series with JJ Abrams' name attached to it from the beginning. Initially, Fringe aired on Tues nights then it was moved to Thurs nights and now it has landed on Fri nights. I watched the first Fri night episode and noticed no drop off in quality of story or acting. (Have the 2nd fri night epi dvr'd.) But I always thought shows were moved to Fri night because they were on their way out. I'm just waiting for a "final season" announcement or an abrupt "final episode" announcement.

    Is this show in the series graveyard?

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    Who really knows why those studios exec do such a thing, Most of the time they do it to help a new show gain an audience. But if another stronger show needs space a show can get bump to another slot. FOX is so in bed with American Idol, it can cause any show to get bump. I will be glad when the American public grows tired of this reality craze crap that we call entertainment. For me I watch TV on Monday nights mainly to watch the CBS lineup and watch the another two CBS shows that I like on Thursday night. After that its the speed, Discovery or HDT channel or DVD/Blu Ray movies.
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