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    When Christmas goes awry . . .

    Christmas on film is not always full of cheer. Sometimes the disappointment it brings sets off a downward spiral of depravity, to wit: John Waters' "Female Trouble".

    Dawn Davenport: WHAT are THESE?
    Mrs. Davenport: Those are your new shoes, Dawn!
    Dawn Davenport: Those aren't the right kind, I told you cha cha heels, black ones!
    Mr. Davenport: Nice girls don't wear cha cha heels!
    Dawn Davenport: Gimmie those presents, I'll never wear those ugly shoes! I told you the kind I wanted! You ruined my Christmas!
    [stomps the Xmas presents]
    Mrs. Davenport: Please, Dawn! Not on Christmas!
    Dawn Davenport: Get off me, you ugly witch!
    [pushes mother into the Xmas tree]
    Mr. Davenport: Dawn Davenport, are you crazy, look at your mother!
    Dawn Davenport: Get off me... LAY OFF ME! I hate you, f*ck you! F*ck you both, you awful people! You're not my parents! I hate you, I hate this house, and I hate Christmas!
    Mrs. Davenport: Not on Christmas! Not on Christmas!

    Remember, refill those prescriptions before the pharmacy closes. Here's to a cheerful holiday season!

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    I'll play....

    The classic was Gremlins. To think dad bolted on the family only to find he'd died trying to get down the chiminey... kinda effed up if'n you ask me.


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