What a great movie. This has to be one of my favs in a long time. No violence, no sex, no language. Just a good intellectually spiritual journey.

The Way is another name for the El Camino Pilgrimage that many walk. It's a 500 mile trek from France thru Spain.

Martin Sheen stars as Emilio's father who travels to collect the body of his son that was killed in a freak storm at the beginning of his pilgrimage.

While there he encounters many who are going on the El Camino who assume he is too. After some time he decides to cremate the body of his son, make the walk and spread his ashes along the way.

This one made no headlines and may be 10 or 15 minutes too long, but the dialog and scenery along with Martin and many times Emilio showing up in visions along the way.

Emilio created the story from a book and also directed and produced the film as well as play the role of the son.

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