The other day, I went to pick up War of the Worlds and Revenge of the Sith at BB (I also picked up a few of the $10 superbits for anyone who still hasn't heard about that). Revenge of the Sith is covered in another thread, so War of the Worlds astounded me. I've probably seen it a dozen times so I already knew that it was an excellent movie, but the video really impressed me. Especially for a $10 dvd, the remastering job they did was excellent. The colors were as bright and the picture was as clean as I could imagine for a movie from the early 50s. The one downside is that the wires holding up the spaceships were clearly visible in many scenes (I don't think they should have taken them out with cg or anything, just saying....). The audio was also surprisingly good . I was under the impression that the movie was originally in mono, but the stereo track seemed pretty good. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the original Orsen Wells radio broadcast on the disk, I have heard it before but the one I heard wasn't very clean, so no comment on that yet.