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    Walmart DVD bargain bin hitting bottom of barrel

    I am frequent visitor to WM $5 bargain bin DVD and most of time find few gems (you have to dig deep into pile) that coudn't find any where else (like Cain Mutiny). But during last few months I have walked away empty handed since there is really nothing interesting to find.

    All one see nowdays are mostly movies that were released on DVD 10 years ago, double or triple movies box set that nobody care about. Or repackaged old DVD with new cover photo.

    I'm guessing one main reason choice of movies on DVD are drying up might be due to fact that DVD might be on its last leg as far as studios are concerned. They are not remastering any movies on DVDs (except the new titles) and just repackage the old DVD with new cover photo and stamp new date on the DVD box.

    For example picked up Clint Eastwwod Gauntlet DVD that had new cover photo and 2010 date on it. But movie is the same DVD that was released in 1999 with crappy and noisey picture quality. I will not get burned again

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